At St. Julep our goal is to deliver incredible dining experiences. How this happens may look and feel a bit different now as we take extra precautions to protect the well-being of our community. We’ve enhanced our health and cleaning protocols to make sure we continue to be a safe welcoming space for everyone. We’re paying special attention to how we prepare and serve food. In addition, we’re transforming the way our employees interact with you without losing our thoughtful approach.

We’re excited to share that we are open with limited in-restaurant seating following local social distancing protocols.

To ensure the health and safety of our community, we are:

•    Following all local health and safety protocols by the State of Georgia
•    Using EPA-registered cleaning products for our high-touch areas and work spaces
•    Conducting daily health screening, including temperature reading of all employees before they work their shift
•    Providing our colleagues the proper protective and preventative equipment, including face coverings and gloves 
•    Requiring frequent hand washing and work station sanitation at 30-minute intervals 


To ensure your food is prepared and delivered safely, we are: 

•    Ensuring the safe, sanitary and secure packing of our take-out and delivery food 
•    Frequently cleaning and sanitizing of high-touch areas such as door handles and pick up counters at frequent intervals throughout the          day
•    Arranging our pick-up entrances and exits to support social distancing 
•    All packaging for pick-up and delivery orders will be clean secure, and clearly labeled